Understanding Design in Print Marketing

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test Design and Print Marketing

As a marketer, a significant part of your job is knowing what you’re marketing, who would find value in what you’re marketing, and then going out and finding out how to put yourself in front of those people. You do the legwork of gathering the appropriate data, you double and triple check your sources, and… Read more »

3 Ways Promotional Products Can Help Educators

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test Promotional Products for Schools

Promotional products are a great way to raise awareness and get your name out there. It’s quite possible that somewhere in your daily routine, you’re either using or have been exposed to some form of promotional product. Even if you aren’t using one, you might still own one. Consider your office space. According to ASI, 41%… Read more »

What is Brand Asset Management?

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Other terms it may go by: • Marketing Portal • POD (Print on Demand) • Web-to-Print • Content Management System So what is it? Brand Asset Management is a system that manages all of a brand’s assets, from conception to distribution. This can include elements of a brand, such as a logo. It can also… Read more »

Six Ways to Keep Your Business Young

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Legendary and iconic Beatle Paul McCartney is still rocking and rolling at 73. In fact, he recently launched a new world tour. Tom Selleck (aka Magnum P.I.), now 70, is the star of CBS’ hit TV drama “Blue Bloods,” where he still is pretending to chase the bad guys. And the greatest golfer ever, Jack Nicklaus, 75, who mostly designs courses these days, still has it. In fact, the Golden Bear recently nailed a hole-in-one during the Par 3 Contest prior to the 2015 Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. Are you getting the theme here? Today, one of the biggest secrets to never growing old is to think and act young. Channel that robust childlike exuberance and imagination.

Brands wary of the business life cycle and challenged to stay ahead of the curve should follow these six business lessons that will help them stay young.