Understanding Design in Print Marketing

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As a marketer, a significant part of your job is knowing what you’re marketing, who would find value in what you’re marketing, and then going out and finding out how to put yourself in front of those people. You do the legwork of gathering the appropriate data, you double and triple check your sources, and… Read more »

4 Ideas To Freshen Up Your Direct Mail Campaigns

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Are you utilizing direct mail in your marketing mix? Direct mail is a fantastic way to market your product or company to your target audience. It physically puts your business in the hands of consumers and helps strengthen the potential of a return. If you’re not on board with the idea of using direct mail, here… Read more »

Direct Mail: 4 Reasons Why It Should Be In Your Marketing Mix

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As the days get shorter and summer begins to wind down (unless you’re in Arizona), schools and universities start to come back into session. Football season is right around the corner too. But for the majority of us, it also means that business is about to pick back up. From financial institutions to restaurants, summer… Read more »