Partner with printCPG to produce, warehouse, and fulfill your marketing & promotional assets. We’re fast, accurate & reliable.

With printCPG managing your marketing and promotional assets, your orders will ship out on time and to your desired location. You set the turn times and we will fulfill orders as they come through your online ordering system.

Kitting & Handwork
Marketing assets can be built to fit your marketing needs. From how-to guides to welcome baskets, our team of professionals will assemble it to your specifications. We can also sit down with you to discuss creative ideas and concepts. Kits can be pre-packaged for easy shipping, or they can be customized with additional variable materials, depending on the need.

Inventory Management
With printCPG, we provide inventory management capabilities for your storage and warehoused products and materials. We’ll manage the re-order levels and inform you when you’re running low on supplies. We can provide automatic notifications that will inform you when your inventory levels dip below a specified level and trigger the reordering.

The level of detail on reporting is up to you. Shipping reports can be provided as orders are fulfilled or as a comprehensive end of day report. Receive detailed inventory level reports and more. Let us know what you need to know, and we’ll build it to suit your needs.

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