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Depending on where you are in the country, school is either back in session or right around the corner.

For organizations, both large and small, colleges are perfect opportunities for recruiting and creating brand recognition with college students. There's a wide variety of programs and events at colleges that draw the attention of these organizations. They are a great place to get your brand in front of young talent and gain some exposure for your brand.

Promotional products are huge at college fairs. Why? Because what college student doesn't love getting free items? If you're recruiting,... Read more

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Direct Mail
As the days get shorter and summer begins to wind down (unless you’re in Arizona), schools and universities start to come back into session. Football season is right around the corner too. But for the majority of us, it also means that business is about to pick back up. From financial institutions to restaurants, summer is our off-peak season. Generally there's less foot traffic in our institutions as people go on vacation and spend time with their family. While there's a decline in profits, summer is the perfect time for us, as businesses, to sit down and plan for the future.

While we're... Read more

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Phil Thompson is a member of our production team working in the digital printing department. He is one of the team members responsible for operating and maintaining our fleet of HP Indigo digital presses. We pulled him aside from his busy work schedule and asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Sacramento, California where I started working and had my daughter at a young age. For ten years I did tile setting and did not get into printing until I moved to Arizona in 2000.

How did you end up at... Read more

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Aaron Bullock recently joined teamCPG as a Marketing Coordinator at our Scottsdale office. He assists with our marketing campaigns, social media pages, brand management and content creation. We sat down with him and asked a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a graduate from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and a minor in Psychology. After graduation in December 2015, I resigned as a Starbucks barista and moved to Phoenix both to find a starting point for my career and to get involved in... Read more

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brand asset management
Other terms it may go by:
• Marketing Portal
• POD (Print on Demand)
• Web-to-Print
• Content Management System

So what is it?

Brand Asset Management is a system that manages all of a brand’s assets, from conception to distribution. This can include elements of a brand, such as a logo. It can also include templates for business cards, letterheads, envelopes... the list continues. But more importantly, it can include designs for flyers and collateral that other department heads can use for marketing efforts.

There are many benefits... Read more

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Facebook Feed Update
Facebook News Feed is changing yet again. Posts from people you know are taking priority over posts from pages you like. This means that your favorite content distributors, like us, might be getting pushed further down your feed. Love us enough to want to see our content first? There is an easy fix, and here's how you do it.

On Desktop/Laptop:

Check out our Facebook page here.

Look at the bottom right of our cover photo for the "Like" button. If it says "Liked," go to the next step.
Click "Liked," and in the drop-down... Read more

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As marketers, we work hard to build and define a brand. Our job is to craft a message around our brand and its products, and then sell that message to our consumers. Once that message has been crafted, it has to stay consistent across all channels and all markets.

That’s why it’s discouraging when you have multiple locations to manage and rogue employees and vendors who essentially damage the brand that you have managed to build. In most cases, that employee is just looking at getting the collateral they need printed and produced. In other cases, approval has to go through the corporate... Read more

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print cpg banner
A message from our CEO, Jake Walker: 

Thank you.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your strategic print partner over the last six years. You are why we exist and it’s only because of you that we’ve experienced success. Our clients and our relationships vary immensely. From fortune 500 firms who utilize our skills in marketing workflow and print automation to the local non-profits who simply use us as a production partner, it is this variety that’s helped us grow into the organization we are today.

As part of our commitment to our clients to continually innovate... Read more

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Mailing prices are dropping! The exigent pricing expires on April 10th, 2016.

These prices have been in effect for the last few years as a result of the Great Recession in 2009. The price increase was allowed to continue for an additional time period so that the USPS could recuperate revenue lost as a result of the recession and drop in mail volume.

This news is significant because it is the first drop in USPS pricing in some time. The most significant drop in savings will be in first class retail. Those doing bulk mail will see a slight decrease, but nonetheless, savings! Regardless,... Read more