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Promotional Products for Schools

Promotional products are a great way to raise awareness and get your name out there. It’s quite possible that somewhere in your daily routine, you’re either using or have been exposed to some form of promotional product. Even if you aren’t using one, you might still own one. Consider your office space. According to ASI, 41% of U.S. consumers own some form of promotional office space accessory. That could be a pen, stress ball or a coffee mug. That’s just your office space, too. There are plenty of other places you can be exposed to promotional products. This also means there are plenty of places for a name or logo to get seen.

How can this help educators? You don’t have to be a business to use promotional products to your advantage. If you need a way to put your name out there for any reason at all, these are certainly one way to do it. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve come up with for how your school can use promotional products.

1. Boost School Spirit

Promotional products are a great way to boost your school’s spirit. Put your name, logo and colors on various items like water bottles, drawstring bags, sunglasses and pens for your students, teachers and faculty members to have. This will raise school spirit by simply exposing your school’s name around campus, giving everyone a sense of pride to see their school colors parading in between classes, at lunch time and at extracurricular events. The more these items get seen and used, the more you raise awareness and the pride that goes with it.

2. Fundraiser

Fundraisers and promotional products are a great combination for raising funds and awareness. What better way to raise money for your school than to sell promotional products with your name on it? If you have an event coming up, set up a booth with your products laid out for people to see. This allows people the chance to contribute to their school’s cause while also receiving an item that shows they support what you do. They can then go on to use their purchased items outside of your campus which can help further put your school’s name out there and draw some attention for future events.

3. Event Promotion

Big football game coming up? Set up a ticket sale and offer students and faculty a complimentary flag or cheer horn with your school colors on it to use when they make their purchase. This can help incentivize them not only to attend the event but to help show off your school spirit. When your team scores a touchdown, what better way to celebrate it than to wave a flag in the air or make some noise through the horn? The other school can sit in dismay as they see the other side of the stadium throw up their school colors and voice their support for their team.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use promotional products for your school. If raising awareness is you goal, check out the printCPG Promo Store to get started on your next fundraiser or school event!

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