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3 Strategies for Mobile and Print

We know what you’re thinking: how do two seemingly opposite mediums of marketing come together in creating a seamless campaign? One is a rising platform with easy access that fits in the palm of your hand. The other requires walking out to the mailbox every day and using two hands to interact with. One can give you everything you need to know in an instant, while the other might take a few days to get to your house to deliver its message.

Certainly, the marketing landscape is hugely mobile with consumers spending more time now than ever browsing through their feeds via their smartphones; so much so that 71% of marketers have put mobile marketing at the core of their strategy, according to a statistic from And that consumption is only going up. Marketers are focused on building and optimizing digital content that is tailored to the mobile user.

On the other hand, print is continuing to remain a relevant–if not underrated–means of marketing. According to a pair of stats from Compu-Mail, 70% of people are still curious to find out what’s in their mailbox each day, and 92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions. Mobile platforms are on the rise, but that only leaves more opportunity for marketers to make an impact at the mailbox.

So then, how do you get the best of both worlds? Mobile marketing is where the most attention is, but print marketing still makes a considerable impact on buying decisions. Should you focus on the one that suits your business better, or should you combine the two into a multi-channel marketing campaign?

72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multiple channels, as stated by So finding a way to make both mobile and print work together in your marketing efforts only means a better chance of building and maintaining a good relationship with your customers. Here are three strategies for you to consider:

1. Targeted Mobile Ads Followed Up With Direct Mail

If your mobile marketing efforts are a primary focus, you can use the information you gather from visiting prospects to send a follow up direct mail piece. When and how this happens can vary depending on how your sales funnel is set up and what data you’ve captured from prospects. It may take pounding your mobile ads until you register some interest and eventually acquire the necessary information to follow up. Once you do, you can then structure a print marketing campaign around the new data and deploy a multi-channel strategy.

For example, you send out a Facebook ad that targets certain types of prospects within fifty miles of your business. Traffic to your website starts to spike a little bit as the ad runs over time. Eventually, people become interested enough in what you’re offering and opt in to receive updates via direct mail. From here you can send out coupons, brochures, and even mobile-friendly pieces containing QR codes, AR experiences, NFC links, and personalized URLs.

2. Direct Mail That Drives Mobile Traffic

You can take the previous strategy and flip it around so that print marketing works for your mobile strategy. Using direct mail is a great way to avoid the clutter of email and digital ads that most consumers experience. Considering most individuals check their mailbox daily, this is a great way to ensure you stand out from your competition. Engage your prospects with a direct mail piece that drives them to visit your website. Once there, you can cookie them and then use retargeting efforts to continue to market to them using a digital marketing strategy.

3. Direct Mail That Starts A Conversation

While we may be so encompassed with using our smartphones for browsing social media and surfing the internet, we can find it easy to forget that it’s also a device for making phone calls. Having an over-the-phone conversation with potential customers opens up a more personal line of communication versus text on a graphic or in an email. You can better explain your product or service in detail as well as immediately answer any questions that come up. Direct mail can help you land those conversations by simply adding a call-to-action number (literally) somewhere on your piece. Linking a specific phone number to a direct mail campaign gives you the ability to track how well your campaign is doing just by counting how many calls you receive and surveying interest. You can also gather further information just as you would through cookie tracking or opt-in prompts on your website.

In an ever-growing field of digital marketing, it’s easy to assume that direct mail and print has no place in your campaign. The fact of the matter is that you can strengthen your efforts and increase your ROI by integrating print and mobile strategies together. You can create a seamless and creative strategy that has the chance to make a good impression on your prospects as well as current customers. Targeting the prime real estate left open at the mailbox and combining that with a platform that garners a lot of attention these days gives you a great chance at getting and staying noticed.

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